Central Vacuum Cleaning

A central vacuum system running at full efficiency is a convenient addition to any household, however, in order to maintain optimum function, regular cleaning of the full system is advised.

Using our high power vacuum, we empty the canister and neatly dispose of the dust and debris. We then use high pressure air in each of your vacuum ports to clear any blockages from the system and ensure maximum air flow in your system.

Your central vacuum system (depending on the motor chosen) is an ultra high performance cleaning system.

Picture a central vacuum system as though it were a high performance sports car. Filtration protects the motor from dust, baffling and exhaust systems dampen the sound level for a quieter ride and the suspension, brakes and tires chosen determine the vehicle’s overall handling and ride performance.

The same is true with your central vacuum system. The motor is the engine which powers the system utilizing filtration to protect the motor and sound dampening to reduce motor noise.

This is why it is important to clean your central vacuum regularly in order to get the best suction and enhance motor performance.