Nontoxic Household Disinfectant of entire ventilation system

Nontoxic household disinfectant

5 Star Furnace Nontoxic Household Disinfectant

Has it been a while since you’ve had your ventilation system cleaned? Do you have allergies or your family members are getting sick more often than usual?

5 Star Furnace Offers a full Disinfection of entire Ventilation system. We specifically traveled to Toronto to research this product to offer the best for our customers and your family!

BENEFECT® is the only product globally that 100% non toxic 100% suitable around your children and entire family and pets. and is the BEST for the environment. Benefect® is ground breaking technology and fully surpasses Health Canada Efficacy Requirements.


If you have had a fire in your home or any water damage or condensation in the ducts. BENEFECT is necessary and is the best in the world.

5 Star uses a fogging machine that blows at 200 PSI reaching every corner in the ducts as well as the vents (extension pipes) themselves.

5 Star Furnace uses professional policies and only the best professional cleaning tools for the dryer vent cleaning, insures you peace of mine backed our 100% satisfaction Guarantee!!


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