All Manufacturers Recommend Annual Residential Furnace Cleaning

Residential Furnace cleaning refers to the cleaning of all the parts of the furnace that it is composed of. These parts include burners, flame sensors, bearing and belts, furnace filters, vents and even furnace chimney. A regular maintenance is essential to efficient functioning of any device and so is the case with a furnace. Nearly all manufacturers recommend an annual furnace cleaning.

How a Residential Furnace Works

A residential furnace functions in a manner that cold air is drawn into the system, passed through the filters and heated inside the furnace. This heated air is then distributed to various parts of the home through a number of ducts. The mechanism seems quite simple and homeowners oftentimes feel there is no need to clean the furnace on an annual basis. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. If not cleaned annually, heaps of dust and dirt may accumulate over the filters, ducts and other components, resulting in numerous problems. Air passages may be hindered increasing the pressure inside that may lead to alarming heat levels eventually shutting down the system. Also, this increases electricity bills manifolds.

Why Residential Furnace Cleaning is Important

A dirty furnace is also a hazard to your health as the hot and moist environment inside the furnace duct work is an ideal condition for many harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses. These microbes pollute your indoor air and cause many health issues including asthma, sneezing, coughing and other respiratory diseases along with allergic reactions. Every time air is circulated through these dirty ducts you and your family is exposed to these pollutants. That is the reason all manufacturers suggest to opt for furnace cleaning at least once a year. However, the frequency may vary depending upon other factors. If you smoke for example, you should consider cleaning your furnace more than once a year. Similarly if you have pets that shed then also a high frequency is advised. The dander of these pet are also drawn inside the furnace as the air is circulated in and out of the system which may cause allergic reactions in many individuals.

If you have moved to a home that has been recently constructed or if you have done some renovation work inside the house, it is the right time to call 5 Star Furnace & Duct Cleaning or a reputable furnace cleaning company. Another important concern that demands more frequent furnace cleaning, is an illness of a family member. If you or your family members have a form of respiratory disease or some sort f allergy the condition may get serious if the air you breathe in is not clean.

A clean furnace not only assures the efficiency of the furnace but also increases the life of the system. A professionally cleaned furnace is not only pocket friendly but also health bestowing!

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