5 Star Furnace and Duct Cleaning Featured Equipment

5 Star Furnaces & Duct Cleaning uses the best equipment in the industry because we care. We care about doing a great job, we care about being better than the competition, we care about YOUR HOME or BUSINESS, and we show you how much we care by only purchasing and using the best equipment available in duct cleaning for your home or business.

Cobraview Camera System

Cameras for Duct Cleaning Amazing new system

For the first time ever we are able to see the cleaning process with the very tools we use to clean them.

Introducing CobraView duct cleaning video system

Introducing CobraView duct cleaning video system,with the airline tools and camera system fused into each device.

Designed to work alongside our existing tools we will be able to show you the cleaning process and prove the quality of our workmanship while at the same time speeding up the cleaning process.

Most inspection cameras are made for close up viewing and do not do much for being able to see down an HVAC duct. All components of the CobraView system have been specifically designed for duct cleaning applications from the tubing to the cameras lens.

HyperVac Hyrbrid Vacuum

Sample HyperVac Hyrbrid Vacuum

5 Star Furnace & Duct Cleaning prides itself in the equipment we use to clean your home. Simply put, we only use the best equipment available and this includes our vacuum system, the Hypervac Hybrid. The Hybrid unit pulls an astonishing 5500 cfm’s beating all other portable systems by over 100%.

The Hybrid is just 20” in diameter and under 80 pounds in weight, meaning it’s fits easily through doorways and can traverse up and down stairs with ease.

The Hybrid uses a 3 level filtration system with large particles being trapped in an easy to clean out filter bag, next the air passes through a bio static media sock wrapped around the main cartridge , Finally the main cartridge catches the remaining particles which filter down to 99.97% at 1 micron or 97.17% at .3 microns. Which is incredibly close to Hepa capacity.