The Best & Last Filter you will Ever Buy!

Modern air filter

5 Star furnace sourced out a lifetime filter for consumers to buy that not only is one of the best filters on the market but more importantly you buy it once. Stop buying paper filters every three months that are literally piling high at our local landfills. When you buy a lifetime filter you use it over and over again which protects the environment. The best part is it protects your pocket book while significantly improving your indoor air quality. Click here for more details.


5 Star Furnace Specials on Modern Air Filters

  • $99, comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Over 96% Efficient, better than store bought filters
  • Built in Alarm to notify when it needs to be cleaned

What the retail chains do not tell you is the majority of the filters they sell are below 20% efficient. At 5 Star Furnace & Duct Cleaning we did the research to find possibly the best filter made in the world. It runs over 96.5% efficient when installed and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Modern Air Filter Corporation, is a leading provider of filtration products and replacement parts.

  • The best & the last filter you will ever buy!
  • Lowers heating and cooling costs!
  • Uses natural static electricity to capture airborne particles!
  • Washable, Cleans in minutes!
  • Improves System Efficiency!
  • Manufacturers 25 Year Warranty!