The Best & Last Filter you will Ever Buy!

Modern Air Filter

5 Star Furnace Specials on Modern Air Filters

  • $99, comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Over 96% Efficient, better than store bought filters
  • Built in Alarm to notify when it needs to be cleaned

What the retail chains do not tell you is the majority of the filters they sell are below 20% efficient. At 5 Star Furnace & Duct Cleaning we did the research to find possibly the best filter made in the world. It runs over 96.5% efficient when installed and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Modern Air Filter Corporation, is a leading provider of filtration products and replacement parts.

The best & the last filter you will ever buy!

  • Lowers heating and cooling costs!
  • Uses natural static electricity to capture airborne particles!
  • Washable, Cleans in minutes!
  • Improves System Efficiency!
  • Manufacturers 25 Year Warranty!