Eco Solutions

Help protect the environment and your family with our Eco Solutions​

Our Eco Friendly Air Conditioning Cleaning Efficiencies and Effectiveness
5 Star Furnace Guarantees Eco-friendly Furnace & Air Conditioning Cleaning Services to our Valued Customers
Eco Solutions

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Eco solutions help protect the environment

A picture says a thousand words and surely you wouldn`t catch yourself wearing gas masks at the dinner table, how silly right? The facts are you could have high Mould or Radon Levels in your house which can cause serious health issues and in the worst case scenario and god forbid, a fatality. Below are some facts and air quality solutions that 5 Star Furnace can offer you to improve the air in your home or business.

Botanical Disinfectant Eco solutions

Stop using chemicals and biocides to disinfect your ventilation system. News Flash, Benefect is the world’s first & Only Botanical (natural) Disinfectant in North America. You can breathe easy knowing that the disinfecting 5 Star Furnace & Duct Cleaning uses is the best, the best for your health, family, home and the environment.

Experience the difference quality offers. All of our clients are served with our patented 5 star system and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.